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SAML - User Recognition


I'm interested to understand the capabilities of user recognition within the SAML security protocol, and whether there's any examples of where it's been used in the past.

Any help appreciated.




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


So far we had no such case.

We can see this protocol is a bit complicated but it's not binary. It means our HTTP decode may handle this. We need to investigate it.

Is there a chance to get sample trace?

Hey Adam,

I believe it's based loosely on SOAP?

Unfortunately this isn't a specific case but more of an instance where a customer has asked for current capabilities. I had a brief conversation with one of your delivery guys and he mentioned that it had possibly been used with Oracle Authentication Services? (I don't have much detail on that!)

If it's not been used, but there is potential then that's fine, i'll report that back and state we'd need a trace if we wanted to do any more on it.



Yes, this is some kind of XML that HTTP analyzer may be able to parse in order to get users.

Exactly as you said: there is potential, but we need to test it.


Have there been any updates on SAML username recognition? i have a customer that uses Forum Sentry devices that use this.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

SAML is XML based (not SOAP), our XML decode should be helpful here.  There are instances where the XML may be compressed/base64/URL encoded to be passed as part of the URL (say in a GET request instead of the more typical XML in the POST body of a POST request).


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


Was anyone able to retrieve the username from the SAMLResponse? I have a customer were they use SAML. I see for a specific URL the SAMLResponse the value of SAML is a Post Parameter, but it is a long string which is base64 encoded.

Still I am not able to extract the username.

Kind regards,


I am looking for this same solution, and haven't see one. Been 4 years?