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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

SAP Details button and drilldown links no longer show details in operation explorer after updating target report.


Hi Team,

I was updating our SAP Dashboards drilldown links and detail buttons to a new target that is a duplicate of the operation explorer, and it doesn't look like the performance details from the new operation explorer shows any data.

My customer desired a different set of colors to be used in all of the dashboards, and since the operation explorer is a read-only dashboard, I made a copy of it and linked the targets from the SAP dashboard to the copy.

Could I have missed something when updating the targets of the detail buttons and drilldown links to the new copy of the operation explorer?

Clicking on the Details Button with the new target operation explorer leads to the operation explorer shown below.

This is how it should look after clicking the details button:

Thanks Guys,

Adam Sjoerdsma



It looks like I have resolved this on my own.

It turns out when I updated the target report for the drilldown links and the details button, the custom rules that passed parameter values were deleted. After adding them back in, the links behave as intended.

So this was caused by the changes you did yourself? I checked both 2017 SP5 and 2018 GA and it works correctly in both; I have to say that it got me puzzled a notch.

Yes, this was caused after I changed the target for links in the SAP dashboard. This caused all of the rules associated with the modified drilldowns to be removed. Luckily I had a copy of the SAP Dashboard that I used to rewrite the rules to the new target link.