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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

SAP - Window Title Error configuration?



I've got a configuration going that is showing almost 100% SAP GUI transaction failures.

Almost all of those failures are coming from the 'Window title' dimension.

Looking at the global definition for the Window title 'error', it looks like it is saying that if a Window title pops up and doesn't match the SAP GUI error indicator definition, log it.

My question is, if my understanding is correct and the SAP GUI error indicator is looking for Err* in the message... than the Window title group is most likely capturing standard messages?

Is there a way to view the Chunk ID 16.12.9 to see all the different messages? (I do have ADS turned on)




I can be wrong, but, These are different metrics that ads can catch out from the packets. This messages does not have to be errors. For example SAP GUI status errors shows you messages that the SAP GUI users sees when he wants to execute some erroneous transactions (wrong filled form, etc...)

So if you dont wat to see 100% errors on the windows title you should disable that(Windows title) on the Availability options on the Software Service.

Try to leave enabled only the SAP GUI status error and see the error messages then.