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SAP availability low caused by Application Error 3 response



I'm looking for an explanation around some results I think are incorrect. This is regarding SAP GUI front-end traffic using the decode and an ADS.

I'm seeing a load of Application Error 3's of varying types.

Looking at the load sequence, it always happens on the last step and to me seems like it is just a normal message... not an error.

Is this an issue with how SAP is written in that its response message is an error type message when really it is just a normal status response or is DCRUM identifying it incorrectly as an error? Any suggestions how to work around this so that it doesn't continue to misrepresent my availability numbers?




I'm not an expert, but i already had several customers with SAP GUI applications.

By default there are some fields from the SAP GUI selected to report some data (Window name, username, SAP GUI Errors, etc.)

You can configure software service to make the system think that there are errors when data appears on some of this fields. By default this is disabled. I think you activated the Window title application failure on Availability options of the software service. This is wrong, the best way is to activate only SAP GUI status errors, because this errors(they are not actually system errors) make user unable to complete the action on SAP GUI.

So you need to go to Software service >> Select "SAP GUI Software Service" >> Availability and change on Failures (application) only SAP GUI status error to enabled and the last to Disabled.