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SISNAPI Universal Decode - Operation Attributes

Just wondering if anyone knows what the SISNAPI universal decode is matching on to extract the operation attributes (application failures) 1-5? Noticed these couldnt be set in the software service and it is indicating that they are using the default matching within the AMD global settings however have not been able to locate.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


Script is checking if answer from Server is marked as error or not. If positive it is placing the values reported by the server (error codes, additional comments etc.) into Operation Attributes 1-4.

All above is coded into a script, you don't configure it in Software Services GUI.

If you want the
presence of those Operation Attribute treat as failed operation you need
to configure them in Software Service so they are treated like
failures. So you can alias Operation Attributes (4) as "Siebel Error Code" and Operation Attributes (5) as "Siebel Error Message" or so depending on errors you see reported from your server.

I hope this addresses your question.