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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

SOAP over HTTP - Operations zero () and Operation time dash (-)


When showing operations for a selected software service that is SOAP over HTTP I am not "getting" metrics for a bunch of the operations. "Unique users" shows a value as does "End-to-end RTT", "Client RTT", "Server RTT" and "Total Bytes".

However I do not get anything for "Requests breakdown", "Slow operations", "Operation time", Idle time", Network time" and "Server time".

What might I be missing? The software service is defined with SOAP over HTTP analyzer and the rules simply being the server IP and port information.

Thanks for any help.


Starting with AMD HS (DC RUM 12.4.10, DC RUM 2017 and NAM 2018) SOAP over HTTP is not available as a separate analyzer but SOAP is just one of 3 types of analysis done by the new HTTP analyzer.

Do you still use AMD Classic (version 12.4 or earlier) and not AMD HS? What version of the reporting server (CAS) and console do you have?


@Sebastian K. We are still using AMD Classic (version 12.4). The CAS is 2017 May SP5 (build

Looks like something that needs deeper investigation through a support ticket.

Please note, however, that unless you are on premium AMD 12.4 is out of support, and CAS 2017 will be after May 2019.