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SQL Disk Space Alerting for Separate NAM Databases


Hi guys,

I'd like to set up an alert that monitors the disk space available for report server database, and

reports on situations when the free space of database or disk is outside the predefined range.

Our databases are located on separate servers.

The problem is that I can publish the alert only for our two master report servers (we got frontend and backend monitoring with 1 master for each). So the rule only applies to the disk space of the report server. I don't see the database serves!

How can I choose our database servers that are located on separate servers?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Andras,

Even if you have separate database servers, which mean NAM server and it's SQL server running on two separate machines, your "Insufficient disk space..." alert needs to be publish on NAM server only. Such alert will be triggered by NAM server when there is insufficient amount of disk space on Database server

However, there is important setting, which is needed in case of separate SQL server. You need to login to your NAM server, open Admin Console from the menu, go to Command Console, find and run command SET DB SUPERUSER and provide DB administrator credentials.

Best Regards,


Hi @Jacek J.,

thank you for the answer. If I provided the DB administrator credentials, that would make the separate DBs visible under Devices in the alert config window?

Hi Andras,

No, it will not.

However, after publishing the alert on NAM server, it will be triggered when available disk space drops below threshold on Database server.


Ok @Jacek J. Any service restart required?

I don't think so. It should work exactly the same way as publishing any other alert