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SQL Server TCP/IP protocol is Disabled.


I receive this error message when attempting to install DNA 12.5. This occurs during Database Creation. I am using an SQL Server instance (local); with Windows Authentication.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks and God bless,




Hi Genesius,

Please verify you have the right protocols enabled in SQL Server Configuration Manager (see the attached screenshot). I can also imagine your firewall is blocking a connection to SQL Server, you may want to review your firewall logs for conenctions from the installer.

If setting up a database at install time is tough, you can simply skip this step. You will have the option to create a database after installation, using Database Utility (see link in the Start Menu). (This will prevent Trace Trimmer from installing correctly, you will have to reinstall it later with the right config file.)

You can also try to use a different SQL Server name, such as, localhost or actual hostname - they may use a different protocol to connect and work better in your environment.

Hope this helps.


@Tomasz S.

You answer solved that issue. However, I have another issue with getting DNA to work. I will open a new ticket for this issue.

Thanks and God bless,