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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

SSL monitoring only gives me availability data

DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

Environment are 12.4.12 Clasiccal AMD, 12.4.12 CAS, 12.4.12 Console&CSS, and no ADS.

After correct SSL keys is applied.

  • In table form, I can see availability is no more zero percent; In graphical form the availability chart is giving me colouful bar ever since the point of time SSL keys is imported
  • In table form, Software Service has no URL breakdown/ transaction visibility ( operation request gives black color bar instead of green&red); In graphical form of course metric charts gives me nothing as well..

Sorry for not able to provide any screenshot, was in a hurry leaving client site when we have to work OT for troubleshoot this SSL thing.

Verification I've done:

  1. Its HTTPS, not XML over HTTPS or SOAP over HTTPS (verify using traffic recorder of RUM Console). So the analyzer used, which is SSL-decypted shouldn't be probelm
  2. SSL-rcon commands: Key is 'matched' instead of 'read'; Keys shouldn't be problem.
  3. Also, for this software service, there are many servers in it, we only imported SSL key for one of the server. Using DMI to create custom table, I did verify that only this particular server is seeing non-zero availability after key is applied, other servers in the software service are still the same and give zero availability.

So I just wondered anyone out there experienced this problem before? Simply put in a short sentence the question is: "SSL monitoring only gives availability data but not performance/transactional data. Why?"


Wai Keat


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Please, open support case and we will take care of this one ASAP. According your description there are planty of issue which can be here. In the meantime if you have an access to the environment you can also try to use troubleshooting guide which is available here:

The document has been created when 12.4.x version wasn't released yet but most of the things if not all are the same.

DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

Hi all,

I've already opened a support ticket, but before I opened it I was able to isolate the issue with the help of my colleague, basically it seems to be an issue of Data Reporting instead of Data Collection.

That is because, the symptom is that AMD got the data (all the vdata files in the directory), and RUM Console Traffic Recorder also able to give us data, but somehow CAS dashboard rendered nothing there.

I would share the findings of support team later on at here.
Thanks for all your comment.