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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Save Report With Filters


Is it possible to create a task to export a report but with filers?

I have tried this:

  <command ID="0" name="Applications Daily Report generation and export w/timestamp">">



   <param>{delta.root}{file.separator}temp{file.separator}BESCV - Applications Daily Report - Detailed - [timestamp].txt</param>



But the saved report is empty

Can this be done?



Foud it!

The problem was that I was invoking LSServlet instead of LSSaveAs.

Actually I am testing to include the filter informations in the CAS task definition file, too. I have to run the same report with ~30 different combinations for operation name+page name. So maybe creating only one report and include the filters in the task file will make my DMI dashboard a little more "well-arranged".

So far it takes more time to create the task file but works. Now I have to include a filter for application with a negotiation (= report should show results for all applications but not the results of application "TEST")... and couldn't find how to realize this yet.

I checked the report definiton with Load/Organize --> Advanced and saw that there is a line "psection_000_dim_001_FilterNot_=1&". I tried to include this in the URL at different positions but it doesn't work, the content of the filter itself is set correctly but without the negotiation.

Anybody already tried to do this and has a hint ?