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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Script error between transactions


Hi Team,

I am running totally 7 applications from one of our Agent machine, where I could see out of all the 7 transaction one of the transaction is not running.
However when I am logging in to that machine the script is running fine through the agent recorder . but the moment I shut it down it starts getting skipped.

I have checked with the auto logon and its services and scheduler as well but no changes were found.

Kindly help me what I should do in this case



Are you talking about one transaction of a synthetic application (in this case one step / measuring point of one script) or is a whole application not beeing executed?

Hi Friederike,

We are also facing same issue. It is failing at one particulat transaction in a script but if we run it manually from agent recorder it run successfully. Autologin n settings are ok. Kindly help me to resolve this issue.

Many Thanks in Advance,

Vinay Chaudhary


Hi Dorothy,

I am also facing the same issue, have you find any solution to resolve this issue. Kindly help me to resolve it.

Many Thanks,

Vinay Chaudhary


Please open a support ticket.


@Dorothy B.

@Vinay C.

Hi Dorothy and Vinay,

You have not provided enough information about your problem to give you a
definite advice. Generally, the message
you are getting just means what it says: your script failed outside of any
transaction, there is no transaction that can be reported as failed. So, you need to find out what exactly fails
and correct the problem.

Still, maybe I can give you a more specific advice.There is one sentence in the Dorothy’s post
that attracted my attention:

when I am logging in to that machine the script is running fine through the
agent recorder

Does logging in
means using remote desktop connection? If
so, then it’s likely that client screen resolution being imposed to the agent
causes the problem. If the agent default
screen resolution is different from the screen resolution of your machine, this
would mean that depending upon if you
are logged in, you run your script under two different screen resolutions, and
it contains code (outside of transactions, as the message says) that works
in the screen resolution imposed by RDP, but does not with the agent default
screen resolution which is used in auto-logon session. You might benefit from these earlier forum
posts related to using remote desktop connection:

RDP Window -
Player Machine

Resolution of
agents changing

Please let us know if my post helped you.

Thank you,


HI Yuriy,

Thanks for your response, as you said when we take remote session of that machine script runs fine. For a time being we have scheduled the script on another machine and it is running fine. Let me check the resolution part on that machine where the script was failing and will update it.

Many Thanks,