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Self-Signed Certificates


I know I asked this question in a previous post
and the reason it failed was because I was using the wrong decode.
However, this issue has raised its head again. The word "self" doesn't appear on the link provided in that old post above.

Is there any documentation which details how to setup self-signed certificates on the AMDs to use in DCRUM 12.4?

Thanks and God bless,


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

The AMD does not care if the certificate is self signed or signed by a public CA; the AMD only cares if the private key it has matches the certificate it sees in the traffic. The procedure is the same for putting the private key on the AMD regardless of CA issued or self signed.

-- Erik

Thanks @Erik S.

I still believe that this should be clearly stated in the documentation.

Thanks and God bless,