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Separate Software Service Operations on Application Definicion - CAS Business Units


Good morning guys from DCRUM forum.

Environment DCRUM 12.4.2

I have a pool of SSL servers configured on a software service, all these servers are hosting an application that has multiple subdomains.

On the RUM software service level I defined monitored URL's (Static URL part) like this:

Site 01:

Site 02:

Site 03:

Site 04:

These is supposed to match all operations that start with the string specified on each site above, also changed the software service URL learning mode to ALL so it will take count on automatic learning and monitored URL's definition.

Now on the CAS when I have to define different applications, so I have to separate the operations from B2C, B2B and MoblieB2C, MoblieB2B because all of them are reported on the same software service.

How can I define a regex, to separate each one of these URL, to match the web tier corresponding to each application?

Best regards




You don't need a RegEx for that - you should be able to do it in Bussiness Units.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

I think the way I would go with this - in URL Monitoring - specify those as Regex - not static. I think the static setting will only match those exact strings, not everything else after it. When specifying those as regex, on the same screen, check the box for auto-learning. That way those strings will be matched and it will auto-learn the ones most used.

On business units - add the software service to the application, and filter by operation and add a "*" to the end of the URL.(eg. https:/*)