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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Set Up Demo Environment Using Pcap File


I need to setup an environment for demo of DCRUM, but I want to do it by using pcap file.

I have installed the AMD on RHEL 5.5 and the other DCRUM components on Windows Server 2012. I Installed all on ESX.

I have executed command 'tcpreplay' to replay the pcap file on AMD, but when I tried to record the traffic, I just see the AMD IP not the IP in pcap file.

Any idea about that? Or the other idea of setting up an demo environment?

Any comments appreciated.




Hi Yohanes

There's a few quirks but in general it should work and I have myself done like that for many years.

What you need to remember is that the ADM has to have 2 interfaces. The second interface can have any DHCP range as you will not bind any IP to it. The first is the Communication interface to the CAS. Usually I also have 2 interfaces on Windows too. One that talks to the AMD and the other to the host.

I almost forgot - you have to pay attention when you replay also, so that you replay on the right interface - the listening interface that dosen't have an IP.

Hi Ulf,

Yes, I have added 1 more interface to AMD and 1 more interface on Windows.

But still when I did tcpreplay, I can't see the IP from the pcap file.

Here I give you some screenshot.

Record Traffic

That's the result of record traffic.


So the IPs you see there, what are they?

Is this on a ESX or a workstation? is ESX's IP is CAS's IP is AMD's IP