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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Several Applications based on the same architecture software services



Here is a question I would like to hear your opinion about.

DCRUM is planned to monitor a single browser Java based application, where Dynatrace application monitoring and user experience management are already installed.

the client side app in the browser sends ajax requests to a single EJB on a Websphere App server, but is requesting different services using parameters in the request. In Dynatrace we've been able to identify and split the requests based on 5 application categories. The optimal goal would be to have in DCRUM 5 different applications to represent these 5 categories. While in the UEM data we will be able to get from Dynatrace the real user experience, I was wondering if we could also "split" the websphere software service to act as 5 different ones based on the requests it gets.

  1. Do you think it is possible ? 
  2. Do you think it will add value ?
  3. Assumign there is also BSM and portal integrated to DCRUM - would this change your answer to 2 ? 










Hi Gil

Why do you want to break them up into 5 different Software Services?

You always have the alternative of using the Business Unit Config when you do the Appliaction. In there you should be able to filter on those 5 services parameters, disregarding the whether the SS is exclusive to the Application or not.

Hi Ulf, 

The main requirement is to split the reporting of the same software service into the 5 different modules (based on a parameter in the request) so that we could directly analyze slow downs or availability problems.

I thought of the applications definition as one option but was not sure if it was the best one. That's the reason for the question.



Well I would say it's your best option. Say that you define the 5 key transactions for each of the 5 Applications. These will then turn up in the AHS and you can directly see the impact on that particular application.

If you monitor a SS alone, that will (as you found out) give you some challenges to sort out what pieces goes where, when the SS is shared between different Applications. 

As always - one of them doesn't rule out the other (big grin)

If you have challenges getting it done, the clever guys in our ES team can help you get best practices and smart ways in place.