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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Show unavailable sites sorted by unique users in a table


Example table:

Site nameUnique users
site A300
site B150
site C50

In the table, customer wants to see a list of
unavailable sites sorted by unique users. The issue is when sites are
unavailable, the number of unique users will be 0, given the fact the metrics
in the same table have to use same time range.

I'm wondering if some one has done similar report and how.




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Kevin

This really depends on the type of unavailability and the setup of the network.

For example if the site is completely offline (a power outage for example) the AMD never sees any traffic and as such the number of users would be 0.

A second example could be where the network link is online but the application is not. If the user IPs are natted before they reach the AMD and user name recognition is used to get the correct user count. In this example if the users can't establish the TCP connection they will never pass username credentials.

You have to remember that the AMD is a passive network probe and it can only give you figures on things that are visible in the traffic.

This can also depend on the user aggregation settings on you CAS.

What you could do is

Create a DMI and add a benchmark data view of software service, operation and site data with the dimension time set as a filter. Then specify this as 1 day ago or which ever period you want within the last 10 days. It won't show current users but will show you historically how many that site had.