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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Siebel Package application configuration question

Hello. We are configuring DCRUM to monitor Siebel.

We used the Package Application wizard to set up it.

The Client uses Siebel , but seems that DCRUM is not correctly linked it with the used module^

the system tells we only have one user using Siebel Sales, the other goes to all other:

Seems that the module name for most of the users is not reported, it's some configuration miss?

Or it should be like that?The version of Siebel is 8.0.



Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor


1. You have a red triangle on the report - if this means that 'server cache has been exceeded', then no new operations / module names will be imported and visible on the reports.

2. If there are software services, with lot more frequent urls, than that Siebel one, then the operations you are looking for, might not get learned by the AMD.

Adam Tryba

Hi Adam,

Thanks for your reply.

1. I fixed the cache problem, but the situation didn't change:

2. There is no SS with more urls,

Customer uses Siebel Sales, Siebele CTI, Siebel Services.

What else can i try?

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


Package configuration, as I understand it, was meant to be a fast template used to maximize the time to value of the product. It is prepared to quickly demonstrate meaningful data in standard environments.

By default (cf: LINK ) URL should be in the form

host[:port]/EnterpriseServer/AppObjMgr , where

AppObjMg is the name of the defined Application Object Manager that you want the thin client to access; this can be a user-defined component or one of the predefined components in the form of: XXXObjMgr_<lang>where <lang> is 3 char string. Like in one ot the URL shown that works

So In default configuration regex [^\/]\/([^\/]+)_[^\/]{3}\/[^\/]+ makes AMD to extracts XXXObjMgr part from the URL and reports it as Misc Paramerer 5 that CAS rteports as Module (see screenshot enclosed).

As I see your URL in the form of there's no expected <lang> part here. What I would recommend

1) Changing default configuration of Misc Parameter 5 to something less strict to the default rules like [^\/]\/([a-zA-Z0-9]+) - this should meet your criteria

2) Considering redesigning configuration to find and report in the business hierarchy other parameter(s) more specific to customer's environemnt.

I hope this helps,



Hi Alexander,

As mentioned by Janusz, the packaged application is just meant to be a quick setup for Siebel (usually used in a POC). Pls do a manual module mapping by using the transaction in business units to map the operations to different modules that the customer have.

You can refer to the link below on how to create a transaction rule:

So in your case you can create your 3 transactions based on the module Siebel Sales, Siebel CTI and Siebel services. Under the "label" and using "operation" as type you can put in a pattern that matches those modules. Example are given below:

  • Transaction : Siebel Sales
  • Software Services: Siebel_SIEBEL
  • Type: Operation
  • Label: *sales*

From your screenshots there shouldn't be any issues on the number of users reported. Once you do the mapping manually it will be mapped accordingly to your transaction. (i.e. The number of users reported in your software services are 800+)

I hope this helps,