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Siebel and Citrix user mapping



we have Siebel CRM accessed by users via Citrix. We have TCAMs installed on all Citrix servers.

But when I run a report of all usernames on the Siebel Software Service and number of operations, I can see a lot of usernames that are actually Citrix servers.

I thought maybe the TCAM is not installed on that one, but I checked and it is there.

Any ideas why the TCAM does not map the user to some operations?




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


The fact that you see ICA operations (this comes from traffic analysys) on this server does not mean AMD receives mapping from TCAM. Check if AMD data from this TCAM e.g. by checking if you have rows in ctxdata samples for this Citrix server (if this AMD also receives Citrix performance data).

Is that the only AMD ? Please make sure it the server that monitors application for your CRM_Siebel software service also receives mapping from TCAM.

For diagnostic you can also set map.trace=true in rtm.config file , restart rtmgate service and see if mappings come from TCAM in rtmgate.log file. Make sure to reset it to false after that and restart rtmgate again.

Also check if TCAM service is up and running on questionable Citrix server and that no firewall blocks communication. Please mind this is UDP protocol.

Please also keep in mind that TCAM mapping don't start working immediately, AMD need a couple of intervals to start using them.


One thing to add here: You may need to enable User mapping in AMD config like described here:

Sorry - I have only the 12.3 Doc for reference currently.

But there are also some troubleshooting steps in the 12.4 documentation: