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Single Report from separate Siebel & Citrix CAS based on username/Client IP/Server IP


Hi fellow RUMeys,

We need to create a single End to End report  for a Citrix user accessing  a VDI system that then uses his VDI  to run Siebel in his  VDI based browser.

There are two PoC CAS's, a Siebel CAS with ~25K Siebel users ( endace AMD) and a Citrix CAS with ~700 users. ( PC AMD looking at a subset of WAN traffic)

We have linked the Citrix CAS to the Siebel CAS from a DMI report perspective.

I can create a drill-down DMI  Citrix report that uses server IP (VDI) as the client IP for Siebel report but (as this is a PoC and we are not seeing all the data) quite often you drill down from Citrix to nothing on the Siebel report...Not very good so we need a single report that only shows all the matches as it were.

I would like to use the username as the common drill down link but the Citrix username is ACCOUNT-01\d123456 where as the Siebel username is d123456 or even D123456.

So questions are

  1. Do we have any regex etc to use on the DMI drilldown filters???e.g something to remove the 'ACCOUNT-01\' string from the drilldown
  2. Can we show this on a single report from to CAS's e.g citrix metrics and Siebell metric on the same row?

Whats the best way to do this or should I log it with support???

If you are thinking that we agreed to do this upfront  for a PoC that is not the case. The PoC was originally a Siebel only PoC but then the telco customer said he would need to integrate the Citrix VDI info as well to be able to make the biz case....Classic PoC creep...



Anthony Percy, FTS



Dynatrace Guide
Dynatrace Guide

Check out this post CITRIX SAP User recognition


That's Pieter, will do...


Hi Anthony.

There's one thing I'm not getting here. If they use VDI, how will you be able to tel what they run in that VDI. As i see it, we willnot be able (first leg Citrix -> VDI) to determine what the users runs in the session. IT could be anything published on that virtual desktop, If you then try to map that against Siebel in the backend, you'd be fishing in murky waters - or what have I misunderstood?

Hi Ulf,

With this customer, only one citrix user will use one VDI IP address, so there is a one-to-one Citrix Client IP to VDI Server IP address mapping...





Dynatrace Guide
Dynatrace Guide

Hi Ulf,

VDI comes in many versions and many people see Citrix as VDI but off course there can be many flavors.

The most comon Citrix implementation I see at customers is the XenApp, which basically means a Citrix server that is being used by multiple users. To make matters even a bit more complicated they also can use this is a desktop environment. So you end up with XenApp (Desktop). The difference is with a normal XenDesktop is that every users doesn't have its own Windows 7 or 8 environment. But share the Windows 2008 R2 (or other server version) Desktop.

In short we have the VTCAM agent for XenApp because you have multiple users using one server and we can link the userid to the citrix process and therefore back-end communication. For XenDesktop we don't have a VTCAM agent but we can decode the userid from the ICA decode. All the processes from that Xendesktop can be assumed that they are all part of that XenDesktop and hopefully the Xendesktop has its own IP-address (question). Still so far when I talk to customers around Citrix Desktop it has been XenApp Desktop and not XenDesktop.



Hi Anthony,

I had a similar PoC challenge recently - in my case it was a custom web application acessed via Citrix.

I removed the domain prefix from the citrix user names as follows (Thanks to Kris for this hint!):


CAS has an option to parse user name into two pieces, using defined separator. One becomes the reported user name, the other becomes the client group dimension value. You may consider using it, though have in mind that we don't make a good use of the client group dimension on reports. It is available on DMI, but not used on standard CAS reports. Configuration is not easy, but Support will help you with this. Hint from them regarding settings to be managed in atscon’s advance d properties editor:





ClientGroupMapRegex= (.+)\\(.+)


In case of issues with regex, try a single backslash:

ClientGroupMapRegex= (.+)\(.+)

After that I was able to create a DMI with one row per user showing it's Citrix- and Web-App-Performance-Metrics.

Thanks Stephan,

Will check it out and let you all know how I went....