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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Slow Operation times by default DCRUM 12.3 - Generic (With Tramsactions)


My dear friends, I need to know how DCRUM assigns o calculates the slow time of operations "by default" for my transactions that are running with Generic (With Transaction) protocol, DCRUM learns some measures o metrics of the traffic? or have any formula or mechanical. I have not configured any thresholds for these transactions. I have read some documentation but is not clear for me about root cause for severeal componentes of DCRUM, thanks.



There are some default thresholds for slow transaction times which can be adapted per AMD, per Software Service (or per Operation e.g. URL).

You can find them in the AMD Configuration in the RUM Console.

Per default this threshold is at 8s. But it differs for some Analyzers like Oracle, ICA, DNS and so on.

DCRUM automatically learns baselines for specific metrics. These baselines can be used for colouring and reporting. But the classification in slow and fast transactions will be made based on the static thresholds I described above.