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Software Service not reflecting in DMI report




I have created once Software service  say - WEB VIP 443 but it is not reflecting in DMI reports for software services. Please help me to know possible reasons why it is not reflecting?




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


What do you mean by not reflecting?

Could you share some screenshots?


Thank you for your reply Adam. I can not share screenshots.

I have created 4 Software services for one  applications. While checking on CAS-->Reports–>Rum Analysis–>Software Service report, i can see only 3 software services created by me, one is not reflecting. I just want to know possible reasons what would be issue?


Thank you

Could be because either that server in the software service is not seeing traffic (I would see the metric charts and see exactly when you stopped seeing traffic, if you saw it before)

If you do expect to see traffic, then I would verify the server IP and port for the software service again. Also double check the analyzer.

Lastly, I would take a trace through the RUM Console to see if you are seeing traffic for that specific Software service.