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Software Services not working



I created a sw-srvs in RUM console for an application with analyzer as https and added IPs, port in rule and a static url to be monitored.

In CAS >business unit> I created the application and transaction from the sw-srvs. But when i check application health index or sw-srvs in report i can't see any data.

I ran following commands on AMD :

rcmd lapp : I see sw srvs with cb & sb as 0.

lsrv rcmd | grep x.x.x.x : For same application i see all the data with cb & sb.

I'm bit confused what i configured wrong and how do i fix it. Please help.




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Have you added the private key(s) to enable decryption?

Check the ssl status, from rcon:

show ssldecr status

And see if there is successful decryption occurring. If not there will be no data in the CAS.

Hi Chris,

The application only has http traffic. So i wont need private keys.


did you choose the right analyzer? you mentioned https in your inital post but a http service in your last comment.

How does the software service report looks like? Is there a entry for this service but without any operation count?

Sorry just noticed the blunder. My bad. The application actually has http data not https. I wrote incorrect info.

For one application there is service entry and operation count is for all other operation. i checked on AMD the packets are all TCP packets.

For another application there is no service entry nor any data on the AMD

So did you find the issue?

Aditya, in your first post use stated "I created a sw-srvs [...] with analyzer as https", but last you stated 'application only has http traffic'. That does not match..

Hi Fran,

Sorry just noticed the blunder. My bad. The application actually has http data not https. I wrote incorrect info.

I did some search from my side on amd and found no packet is coming for the application, also the few packets which are getting captured at tcp not http.


Hi Aditya,

Using HTTP analyzer you wont get operations based on htttps://. Same goes for SSL Decrypted analyzer that wont report any http:// operations. Problem is that this would explain lack of operations (resulting in no data) on specific reports, not lack of client bytes and server bytes in AMDs rcon

Are you sure that the software service is properly defined and traffic for that server ip and port is visible on the AMDs sniffing interfaces because not matter what bytes should be counted.



It seems that zero bytes in rcon are not so uncommon as I thought they are:

"xxxx1" "dssl" s:84 sb:0 cb:0 sp:66 cp:154 ud:0 e:66 dcr:0 pg:0
"xxxx2" "dssl" s:1 sb:0 cb:0 sp:1 cp:2 ud:0 e:0 dcr:0 pg:0
"xxxx3" "volume" s:1 sb:0 cb:0 sp:3 cp:4 ud:0 e:0 dcr:0 pg:0
"xxxx4" "volume" s:1 sb:0 cb:0 sp:3 cp:4 ud:0 e:0 dcr:0 pg:0

,but still it came out that this is only a trashy traffic in my setup.


Hello Aditya,

I suggest to take a tcpdump and open it with Wireshark in order to check if the incoming traffic for the SS you defined is the one you expect.

Get into rcon console and type:

tcpdump 50000 "/opt/trace.pcap" "((host x.x.x.x and tcp port xx) or (host x.x.x.x and tcp port xx))"

then open the .cap using wireshark. Do you see any HTTP packet inside? If you don't, most probably you're using the wrong port. Try with another trace without using the TCP port. If you don't see any HTTP data yet, I think you have trashy traffic and so you have to double check you network configuration with the customer.

Let us know.

Thank you,