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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Strange situation with network - other Slow operations


We have at customer with an application which is fat client and oracle database.

During the monitoring we saw a some operations with big network time (till 3 hours) on sql requests.

I turned on ADS data collectiong about this slow operation, but the data shown by ADS is somehow strange.

If we see the operation time is lasts 16 min for example, but on the Load Sequence data we only see 80 ms data. Asked the users, they dont have such long operations...

What can be the problem and where to start the diagnostics?




I'm not an Oracle expert in any way but could it be the time the cursor "lives" until it's removed?

3 hours feels like on of those timeouts that you have by default.

Hi Ulf,

thanks for your reply.

So why we see only 30 rows on ADS? i think we should see much more iterations from ADS side.

The network time of the operation can last 10 min and can last 2 hours 30 min, i think the probles is not the timeout


Possible - what veriosn are you on?

Can you do a trace (The proof is in the packets - not the pudding :-))?

Is 12.3.8

Yes i can do, but i can't get it outside because it can contain sentitive data.((


OK - do the trace and try to check if it is indeed cursor Creation and deletion that is being measured.

IF you have DNA, this will be quite straightforward 🙂