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Support for Reporting Groups


From time to time we, the DC RUM product management, have a question to you: DC RUM users.

Here is one:

Do you still actively use Reporting Groups? If yes, why? What is the use case that keeps you from migrating to the business hierarchy of Applications/Transactions/Tiers?

In the upcoming 2018 release we would like to remove Reporting Groups from the Business Units Configurator and from the built-in reports; further on we would like to mark those as deprecated and scheduled for removal in the next 2019 release.

Please let us know if (and WHY) that would be a showstopper for you.

Thank you,

Sebastian Kruk

Senior Technical Product Manager, DC RUM




I'll continue to look when I go onsite for customers who use this, but in all my health checks I don't think I've seen anyone take advantage of that feature.

We used reporting groups for filtering purposes in addition to the application / transaction hierarchy before the data access possibilities came up. But right now I'm not aware that any of my customers is using reporting groups.

Dynatrace Consultant and Center of Excellence Expert

Friederike, Matt - thank you for your feedback. This is more or less what I expected. Cheers

Dynatrace Organizer
Dynatrace Organizer

Hi Sebastian,
My client uses reporting group quite extensively. It was just something that they started off with then the App/trans model did not exist and have continued to use it since. As of version 12.4 Reporting groups was depreciated as a dimension from the ADS data and this caused a lot of problems. I don't think they would be opposed to go to an App/trans view but will definitely be sensitive to change since a lot of the higher up executives and directors use this feature.