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Synthetic Infrastructure Health @ CAS



We're using ESM 12.5.3 with DC RUM 2017. On the Synthetic Infrastructure health screen (on the left hand side) it's listing an old Agent Manager that's no longer used. The new Agent Manager that is used for all Agents isn't listed at all. I was wondering, where is that data being read from? I thought it might make sense to fix it, in case there are some adverse effects. We are actually having an issue where script deployments (TestPartner.mdb) don't properly work, even though the response for the publish is always successful. Was wondering if these 2 things might be related...


I assume you have added the new Agent Manager in RUM Console and assigned it as a data source to CAS?

Yep, that has been done. The setup basically works in the sense that data goes from Agents -> Agent Manager -> CAS, it's just strange where that old Agent Manager name is being picked up from instead of the correct one...


Hi, Kalle. The Agent Manager gets the information from the ESM database and provides it to the CAS in the esmdata file. Can you please open a new ESM ticket for us to look at this? Thanks!