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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

TCAM Settings on Citrix Servers

Dynatrace Organizer
Dynatrace Organizer


Our customer is going to deploy TCAM in production this weekend.

  1. TCAM will be installed on the Citrix Gold Images
  2. The Gold Images will be rolled out to all underlying Citrix servers

I went through the documentation here (including all sub-chapters). Now, as deploying TCAM on the Citrix servers can only happen on the weekend, I would like to briefly double check if we thought about everything or if we are missing something. My question is more targeting the Citrix server side. If we forget something on the DC RUM side, we could easily add that later but not on the Citrix servers.

DC RUM side:

  • Create software service with ICA decode
  • Configure TCAM settings on AMD level as described here
  • Enter all individual Citrix server IPs (where TCAM is installed) on AMD level in this field here: 01.jpg

Citrix server side:

  • After TCAM installation, set receiving AMD IPs in TCAM on Gold Image as described here
  • We can leave "Resolve NAT users" to the default value "OFF" (I have checked this with the customer)


  1. Is that it? Or are we missing an important step? Hereby I mean particularly the TCAM settings on the the Citrix server side
  2. The documentation here states that one could set the TCAM field "TCAM IP address" to "front-end". In our first test, we were not able to see that list entry. The servers have only one IP address, maybe that is the reason why. We can set it only to either "default" or the actual IP address. I would assume that we can leave that field to "default" when TCAM is being installed on the Gold Images. Is that correct? The Gold Images would then be rolled out and it would contain "default" on all Citrix servers as well.

Best regards





1. Yes, that's all. In fact even entering individual Citrix IP addresses in the Listening / Address list is not required. The list may be used to restrict which addresses may send mappings to the AMD, if the list is empty, all addresses are allowed.

2. If the Citrix server has only one IP address, only the "default" entry will be there. It should be left as it is.



Thanks a lot Wojciech!