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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

TP Msg : The window does not have a menu



I have a working script which is running successfully on one of the Recorder Machine.whereas If I use the same script again on different Machine recorder it is giving above message. " TP Msg : The window does not have a menu"

I tried to execute only the Problematic click action on different new page It is able to execute successfully. I am unable to determine the Problem to cause this issue.

I tried below two options ,but it gave me the same message.

Window("Application=javaw.exe Caption='My Teamcenter - Teamcenter 11'").Attach
TreeView("Index=2").Click 144, 8, tpMouseRight

GUIObject("ClassName=SWT_Window0 Caption='' Index=71").Click 144, 8, tpMouseRight

Can some please help me here



You can try recording the actions again on the
failing machine and see if that works. Compare the differences and see what is


@Murali D.

Hi Murali,

You are using Eclipse SWT -- a GUI technology not supported by the Recorder, so getting inconsistent results across different agents when you rely on Recorders capabilities to recognize a low-level controls, can, of course happen.

I can give you some general recommendations in relation to your problem. It would be great, of course, if someone else who has experience in working with SWT would be able to give you more specific recommendations.

1. Make sure all agents where you run your application have the same screen resolution and color depth.

2. Always maximize your frame windows before using them.

3. Reference only frame windows, never reference inner controls, like GUIObject("ClassName=SWT_Window0 Caption='' Index=71") in the snippet you've provided.

4. For all actions, including right clicks and and menu selection, use image recognition and/or OCR.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding these recommendations.

Thank you,