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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

TestPartner lose "User" write permission after script publish



Whenever I do a script published from the agent manager (7.publish script) to a robot , the test partner database on that robot loses User write access and as a result , the robot stops running scripts until I manually give write access back to the USER for the TestPartner database.

Please advise !


This is not about locked database or publishing of configurations.

This is about write access to database and publishing script codes to the robot.




@Zi H.

Hi Zi,

Unfortunately, you have not provided details on how you
determine that the database is in read-only mode and how you correct this,
neither about the Enterprise Synthetic Monitoring version you are running.

I am not aware of writing permissions being revoked from a specific user, but there is a known 12.5 (12.5.0 through 12.5.3) issue with
TestPartner.exe crashes on exit after finishing execution of the script. This issue may result in putting the assets related
to the executed script into read-only mode. These assets might include the script itself and whatever other assets
it might be using to execute the script. Please review 12.5
known issue #3
and see if applying the patch could address your problem. If this patch cannot address your problem, please
open a support

Note: Even if the patch
does resolve your problem, you will need to reestablish write access to
database assets prior to testing the Recorder after applying the patch. But, if this is the "right" patch, your assets
should not become read-only any more.

Thank you,