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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Threshold - User Wait Time per kB



Anyone know how to change the default threshold of "User Wait Time per kB", I can't find it in atscon.

I want to change performance threshold that suitable to XenApp / XenDesktop environment.

Much appreciated for your help.




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


I can see such metric in DMI, but I'm not sure what this threshold would be for.

Could you elaborate on this?

Hi Adam,

Thanks for your response.

CAS User Guide mention "Application performance" will use this metric to calculate the value, we're monitoring both ICA and non-ICA applications here so want to configure a meaningful threshold for the whole environment. It is quite hard to explain "Application performance" to operation team and management (smile).

Much appreciated for your help.





Hi Sylvian.

Remember that you cannot use Application Performance straight off the bat with ICA based applications as the KPI's are not applicable in the same way.

Spend some time and listen to our Senior Product Manager, Chris, who explains why in 2 separate sessions - it will be 25 minutes of quality time (smile) .

So the important thing here is that ANY ICA based application shouldn't be directly compared to another non ICA based application but rather from the Citrix landing page, where the relevant KPI's for ICA are gathered. The SS feeding the ICA can be looked at with the ordinary KPI's though.

If you speak to management, you can try to draw the paralell of an application as a journey. Most standard applications is like a car trip, you get in, drive off and then you arrive. If anything in the car fails, you will be late and you will know that it was the car and so will the one (who will be the application user) waiting for you (where you are the application).

With ICA it's more like a journey where you take the bus to the airport and then a plane and eventually you arrive at your destination. If the bus breaks down, you will miss your flight and have to take a later flight. Anyone (the application user) waiting for you (the application) at the destination will not know this and will assume that the PLANE is late, which will be a faulty conclusion, but as they are not aware of the bus problem, this is the only thing they can conclude.

Much the same is it with ICA based applications. The users and managers usually fall into 2 categories:

  1. The ones who have had problem with the delivery before and automatically conclude - "Citrix problems again" - this without knowing.
  2. The ones who are unaware of the Citrix delivery mechanism and instead blame the underlying application (Software Service) - this also without knowing.

THere is a third category who actually understand the diffewrences but they are rare (smile)