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Tier change


Does any body know how long it takes before the CAS accepts the changes made in the AMD.


When you modify the  analyzer typein AMD, the  software service will get an other tier. It does not change in the CAS, do I realy have to purge the database?




Not sure exactly where you are looking but as long as you haved analyzed some traffic with a decoder/analyzer, that data will be in the CAS in th context of that analyzer since that is what you saw then.

Whenand if you change you shold be seeing this within 5 minutes if that is the time range of the report you are using, else you just have to wait until the monitored data passes beyond the time frame configured for the report you're currently looking at.


Thx, now I understand my issue. I Have started with  the  http decoder but later I changed it to the oracle decoder in the AMD. We do not have the license for the oracle decoder, so oracle decoder traffic wil never arrive in the CAS hence the service stays http?


OK - You are right , you will not see anything if you try to use a decoder that you don't have a license for.

What you "could" use is the "generic with transaction" but it will just as misleading as using a HTTP decode for this traffic.

Having the right decode for the data you monitor is essential. Doing SQL decode with the generic would only give you accurate volume and network metrics - nothing else. It can be compared to talking about your Italian sports car (which makes everyone think Ferrari) while it in reality is a Fiat 500.

Without the Oracle decode, you will not be able to see such things as database names, stored procedures or SQL verbs. You want be able to track things like poor logic where same queries are repeated over and over and you can't do sequential transaction or obscure sensitive data..

Talk to your rep and ask for some assistance and they will further explain and help you.

PS. Not sure what version you are on but read the accompanying PDF as it explains several of the powerful features of the decode. If you don't have the PDF you can get it online.