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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

To enter value in specific textbox is failing in Enterprise synthetic monitoring


Hi All,

We have scheduled one script which fills some values in text box. At one text box it fails to fill the value. I have used many ways like :

first it should click on that text box then settext function,

Sleep time is also given afetr clicking and filling that value

Keyboard.Type function afetr click also we have used.

I was trying to recognize one text from error on that page or any unique word that appears after clicking submit button so i can put any condition from that text to fill that value in that textbox again but on that web page no text check or event we are able to identify.

Kindly help us to know if there is any other ways or function to implement it in script.


Vinay Chaudhary



@Vinay C.

Hi Vinay,

In such situations I usually have more luck with writing a
code based on this pseudocode:

Clipboard = "string you want
to enter"

Control.Type Keypaste

DoEvents or a longer pause

Control should identify the control you need to put the text
into, could be something like HTMLEditBox("ID=UserName "). DoEvents usually provides enough time for the
application to put the text into the control, but you may need to put a longer
pause, say, Sleep 1.

Please post a message in this page if my recommendation
helped you or not.

Thank you,


Hi Yuriy,

Thanks a lot for your response. Yes i have updated this code in the script and untill now so far there is no failure of that entering the text we have observed. But we are observing the behaviour of script.

When i was using HTMLEditBox("ID=UserName ").click i had specified the sleep time in script. Still it was failing.

Many Thanks,

Vinay Chaudhary