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Traffic Recorded in RUM Console Can't be use to Configure Software Service

Traffic Recorded, number of bytes and packets doesn't seems unusual:

But when I want to use this trace in Software Service Configuration, it shows empty (whether or not I tick either of them, any two of them, or all HTTP, XML and SOAP checkbox). Plus, no matter what category I choose from the drop down list (URL, Host, Server IP Address etc....):

Also, I am pretty sure I am selecting the correct AMD:

As a final check, I download the traffic recorded and using wireshark to open it:

Can anybody let me know what am I missing? Appreciate if anyone can help me out, I am trying to configure UsrNameRecognition and ..."help"... the client to figure out what protocol they are really using. So this traffic recorder in RUMConsole can really be handy as I no need to wait for 5 minutes in CAS, or do a tcpdump again in AMD. This can really save my time.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Interesting, I can't see anywhere you've gone wrong.

In the Wizard view, have you added a matching service first, see if it starts working with at least the IP and port defined?

Hi Chris,

Yes, it actually works. So I can basically ask the client about the info, and then configure software service accordingly(whether using wizard or manually) .

But there are many other situation where I need to use the traffic recorder.

Hence, posted this question.

Hi Wai,

Which version are you using? I've seen the same issue on 12.4.13 when trying to configure parameters for a HTTP software service. I tried to reproduce the issue on my sandbox environment, but as it goes, everything works fine now.

Hi Andre,

I am using 12.4.12.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

I am seeing the same issue in 2017. If I record the traffic (from the console menu) there are no results displayed when using the trace in the wizard (just like you stated). If I open the SS with the wizard and click the record button, the capture fails.

Anyone else seeing this sort of behavior?

Hi all,

Support has managed to help me to resolve my issue, hope it will be helpful to you all.

In my case, somehow an entry in the content rules of HTTP auto-discovered SS that should exist by default, is not there. After I manually added the entry and restart the AMD, problem solved.

Previously in my AMD it WAS empty, and so I added the WWW HTTP. Now, it IS giving me useful data when I configure SS using wizard in RUM Console.