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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Training Guidance, Tips ( Words of Wisdom), or Documentation


Hello, I am a new customer to Dyntrace and are wondering how other organisations trained there staff to use the application monitoring tool and dcrum. (APMU, Internal Training Sessions, or Written Documentation)

If anyone could provide guidance, tips ( words of wisdom), or documentation on training staff members to the application monitoring tool and dcrum more effectively, I would greatly appreciate it.


Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

Hello Jon, welcome to the community!

I personally started off on APMU initially working towards the associate certification, it's excellent for individual learning. If you're looking to on board a full team I would recommend reaching out to the Enablement Services team, they'll be able to deliver Core Concept training on site or remote based on everyone's proficiency/role,

Thanks for following up @Carl Morphet, I am going through the APM University as we speak, was most of the materiel on the associate certification covered in the APM University?

Also how long did it take you to review the materiel and get the associate certification? (weeks, months, years)


Hi @Jon Kavanagh,

it depends on the needs of your organization and your time schedule, but the first step we suggest to take is an internal training, then follow the courses on APMU in order to understand better or drill down into the concepts and finally what we recommend doing everyday is checking the Docs, asking questions here and reading the interesting posts and articles. Everyone will tell you how much important and powerful is the community! Here you'll find the "words of wisdom" you're looking for..and more! The certifications are obviously a good way to "know how much you do know" but you should first, at least, attend one training session and "play around" a little bit with the tools, in my opinion.

Hope it helps, Jon. Don't hesitate to ask further info.

Ciao, Raffaele

Thanks for following up @Raffaele Talarico, I am going through the APM University as we speak, and will look at pursuing the certifications as i complete the training.