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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Training Material Channels


Besides APMU, what other training materials - preferably videos - are available? Are there any 3rd party materials on the market?

One of the things missing from the documentation is examples. Reading the WebAppMonitoringUserGuide.pdf I went crossed-eyed. While there are detailed steps, there is no example to follow through the entire process; there are no screen shots; it is not written in simple language. Are there any DCRUM for Dummies type of materials out there?

I have a decent (better than beginner) grasp on creating reports and manipulating the DMI. However, I want to capture more data - fine tune - what the software services are configured for.

For example, merely by accident, I opened up the ADS instead of the CAS to create a simple report. I continued with the same dimensions and metrics from a report I created in CAS. However, the results were different. The number of operations was half that in the CAS report. Why?

A lot of questions I know in this post, but I want to make this product "sing" within my department and my organization. Right now I feel it can "barely carry a tune".

Thanks in advance for any direction you can provide.

God bless,




Thanks for your question Genesius and sorry to hear that you're not finding the right resources. I know the training dept is working on delivering an updated set of training modules to support the 12.4 DC RUM release. I've forwarded your question to the DC RUM training manager and documentation team lead to get you more details.

Also, I highly recommend the virtual instructor-led DC RUM associate training for some great hands on instruction in using DC RUM to capture more data. See DC RUM - Associate vILT Sessions for more information.

Thank you @Daniel Drahnak.

Apologies for not replying sooner.

Unfortunately, my company has a limited training budget.

Thanks and God bless,


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

@Genesius Jaromsky, thanks for your feedback. Which DC RUM version you're at? I'm aware of the issues you mention in your post. To address that. we're in the process of reworking the DC RUM documentation. For 12.4, we already provide the bare reference for the AMD monitoring configuration options organized in exactly the same way as RUM Console itself and now we're moving on to create user-friendly, easier to read and example rich articles written using the "how to" approach. Note however, that it would be rather difficult to find one configuration model for DC RUM, it all depends on your applications, technologies used, deployment of your environment and entities you want to monitor, so we'll be focusing on explaining the logical components of the configuration and if possible, help the user assemble them together,

Which parts of the DC RUM configuration you'e particularly interested in? Note that since the 12.3 release, the Autodiscovery feature provides a very good starting point for configuration fine-tunning, particularly in terms of Software Services.

As for the ADS and CAS metrics, it all depends on the context of the Data View used to create the report, aggregation options, farm configuration and other factors. I'm currently working on similar information related to user metrics in the context of CAS aggregation options. I will see if I can extend this discussion with other dependencies, for example CAS and ADS measurements.

Than you @Jaroslaw Orlowski.

We are using 12.3 (don't remember the latest service pack we are using).

I realize that it is impossible as you said "to find one configuration model for DC RUM"; however, if there was documentation that listed an example of each of the different decodes and their required and optional parameters, this would be of great help.

Unfortunately, several of the applications we are monitoring and the individual software services configured do not have any supporting documentation on "why" they are configure the way they are. And many of these services were configured years ago; employee no longer with company; etc. My goal is to clean up these applications and software services so I can better position our department to offer our clients greater visibility into their production environment.

Thanks and God bless,



Hello Jaromsky,

As far as DC RUM for Dummies
type of materials out there…well, we’d never call our videos that. But
the DC
RUM 12.3
course starts out with a “Get Started” section with a few Overview
videos. I would suggest viewing those and then working your way through
the other 32 videos, as a starting point. Then, to get a little deeper in
to the new or improved features with 12.4, we have 32 (and growing) Tech Talks
available to view.

We understand that watching a
video is not going to give you the same level of confidence with the product
that you get from actually using the product so we have a couple other
offerings in addition to the eLearning. We have the ability to spin up a
DC RUM environment for you to practice in. This is an AWS environment so
there is a cost to it. If you would like more information on purchasing a
DC RUM APMU Lab environment, please email and
the correct person will reach out to you. We also have, as Daniel
mentioned, a DC RUM vILT (virtual Instructor Led Training) class available to
take. I would never call this class a DC RUM for Dummies as it is a fast
paced, covers a ton of material, and has a hands on component in AWS, but, if
you have a familiarity with DC RUM, this class is perfect. There is a
cost and you can find the next scheduled class and all the class information in
the APMU Calendar.

My team is also working on updating
the 12.3 videos to reflect the 12.4 changes and we expect the updated videos to
be available by the end of February. I would suggest start working
through the 12.3 videos and the 12.4 Tech Talks now and not wait until the 12.4
Product Education is made available in February.



Thanks @John D. Wilson.

The "For Dummies" series has been a life saver for many an IT guy/gal. Both new to that application, hardware, etc.; and to season pros as a quick reference. Many times third party authors and publishers are able to make training and reference materials more interesting then the original developers and subject matter experts of their product. I'll use another title instead: "Teach Yourself VISUALLY Dynatrace DC RUM".

I've been through most of the 12.3 videos and they were not very helpful. I found the pace and tone to make me very drowsy. However, I will attempt these videos again, as I now have a better understanding since my first viewing5-6 months ago. As a former IT Trainer, if may make a couple of suggestions. The presenters should vary both their vocal tone and variety, as well the pace at which they speak, which in turn will make the information they are sharing more interesting.

Thank you for the information on the Tech Talks, I was unaware of these.

As mentioned in previous responses, the training budget at my employer is very limited, so the DC RUM vILT (virtual Instructor Led Training) class is not an option at this time.

As for 12.4, I am drafting a paper to discuss with my management why we should upgrade now. I have been with this company for 6 months and they only upgraded to 12.3 a few months before my arrival. I managed the Compuware EcoScope 4.x in a old position many years ago, and would meet with some of the staff to discuss my experience and make suggestions (they had an office in my building). This is why my current employer brought me on board.

Thanks for your help and God bless,


Thanks for the feedback, Jaromsky. We are always looking to improve our videos. If you see something that you would like to comment on, feel free to fill out a Survey using the link in the video player. We collect those every month. I hope you notice a big improvement in the videos with the 12.4 updates.