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TypeError Cannot read property


I have a DMI report in CAS generating the following message in the line chart area:

"Error while rendering chart:

TypeError Cannot read property 'line' of null"

The chart works fine when generating data for a time range up to 3 months with a resolution of 1 month. However, when I change the time range to anything more than 3 months (ex. 12 months) I get the above error.
However, if I change the Display Mode of the chart from "User Default" to "Static", the chart works fine. It also does not work if I set the Display Mode to "Dynamic", which I think is equivalent to the "User Default".
Is there a way to configure the chart to be able to use the "User Default"/"Dynamic" setting with a 12 month time range?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


We're aware of such issue for SP5 and have a patch for it on our DC RUM Known Issues page, the last one for 12.3.5.

But we strongly recommend to apply SP9, you will save yourself from all these issues listed on mentioned page ...

Thanks, Adam. I think we're going to upgrade to 12.4 anyway so I'm guessing this issue will also be solved with that upgrade. Thanks for the info!

Indeed, it's fixed in 12.4.X.