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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

URGENT - DNA Unattended Capture Trace



I was running a DNA unattended capture trace from my laptop last night. When I came in this morning there were multi memory and WER errors. I was set at the default parameters for 64 GB buffer, etc.

My question is, because DNA crashed, when I clicked on the DNA application which was still open and was unable to access, did I lose the capture? Or is still on the probe somewhere where I can recover it?

Thanks in advance and God bless,




I think I know why the WER error occurred. I closed my laptop cover before I left at ~4:02 pm. 15 minutes later is when this fault happened with AppVantage.exe

But I still need to know if the capture is somewhere on the probe or not.

Thanks and God bless,



Chances are high the capture is still available. Open unattended capture dialog, connect to the agent, stop capture and try to retrieve the file.

Correct - the key word here is "unattended", which doesn't maintain an active connection with the DNA agent. Whenever you need up-to-date info, you just hit Refresh or Stop capture. You can connect to the agent from any DNA console - can be the same one after restarting - and then download the capture file.

@Tomasz S. and @Tomasz S.

Thank you for the info. Brain burp on the "unattended" 😉

Enjoy your weekend and God bless,


You're welcome! Please accept the answer if you find it useful so that it's ticked in our list, thanks.