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URL's not showing up for software service


I am not sure what else to try I have tried all the things I could think of, and all urls are still in "All Other Operation" bucket. I tried doing a RCMD SHOW URLS and I still do not see any URL's for this service.

I have read through all the docs and tried several changes, but nothing seems to work.

I tried adding the URL in URL monitoring with regex/

I tried changing the Auto learn at the Software service level.

I also tried different decodes.

Does anyone have a other suggestion I can try?




Dynatrace Organizer
Dynatrace Organizer

Have you tried adding the content type ? Also, are you able to see the URL in the zdata file? What decode are you currently using?



Hey Elvis,

How have you been?

I have tried adding common types I know we use like application/json. I have also tried setting up url monitoring and choosing all content types. I do not see anything in the Zdata for this ss, but as I do not see it in the AMD url list I am not surprised.




If you don't know what content types you have in your traffic then enable ADS data and after some time log in to the AMD and execute the following command:

grep -ihe "^H.*SS_NAME" `ls -t /var/spool/adlex/rtm/vdata*_t | head -n1` | awk '$1=="H" { print $20 }' | sort | uniq



is name of your problematic Software Service. The out put will be a list of unique content types your AMD saw during last 5 minutes.

Hey @Brian, I'm doing well thanks.
I'm not sure I understood the last part about the 'amd url list'. Here's a couple of things you could do (if there are no issues with traffic decryption)
  • Enable ADS data with header details and to see if you're seeing the URL. You will also be able to see the content-type in the request header.
  • Take a packet capture for the ip's in question and check if the URL is available in the trace using wireshark.

These are a couple of things I can think of right now.