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Unable to Start Dynatrace Enterprise synthetic Recorder



Today I have Installed Dynatrace ES agent on one of the machine , while installing I do not see any issues.Everything was fine

Followed this sequence to install the agent

  • On Agent Install 12.5 OS
  • Installed 12.5 Agent
  • Installed 12.5 Service Pack

After restart when I try to launch recorder attachedrecorder-error.png is the error message and it wont start anything. Can you advice ?



@Murali D.

Hi Murali,

Here are couple of things you might check into:

1. Make sure that any
requested reboots are being performed.

2. When applying the service pack,
please make sure that the latest service pack, currently 12.5.2,
is applied.

3. Run all installation and upgrade tasks with elevated priviliges
(“As Adminstrator”).

4. Do not start the Recorder before the
service pack is applied.

With this said, please:

1. Uninstall the Agent
2. Uninstall OS Update
3. Reinstall OS Update.

4. Reinstall the Agent.

5. Reapply the service pack.

If the steps above do not resolve the issue, please open a support

Also If you look up what the error C0000013 means, you will find out that the error means that the program is trying to access an unavailable disk. Is it possible that between the installation and your attempt to start the Recorder some disk became unavailable? Some reasons for that might include drive letter change, disk could be unmapped or disconnected, especially if this is related to SAN drives or removable devices.

Thank you,