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Unable to install CAS due to unknown version of RUM console


Hi all,

During the final configuration of CAS setup(after defining RUM console port), an error came out saying that the version of RUM console that I've installed earlier is unknown. In fact, I installed the 12.2.1 RUM console version which came under the same package as my CAS as well as CSS.

Above is the screenshot of the error.

Kindly advise so that I would know how to resolve the issue. Much thanks to all of you.

Best regards,

Fred Too



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Are you able to log in to this RUM Console?

Is it located on the same machine as CAS?


Hi Adam,

Yes, it is located on the same machine as CAS

Hi Hing

I had the same problem just recently. For some reason it looks like my installation got corrupted. My problem got solved by deinstalling and reinstalling the RUM Console.

If you have any Software Services configured, they will be kept by the AMD.

Hi Ulf,

Thanks for sharing your experience. I would love to try another way out instead of repeating the troublesome steps again. I will use your method as the last resort. 

Thank you very much.


  • check the CAS installation log for messages similar to: "getting connection... with console: "
  • try to open https://localhost:4183/cxf/rest/version on the CAS machine where CAS istaller is running.

Hi Adam,

Thanks for the reply. Yes, i found the CAS installation log and came across the message you asked me to look for.

In the midst of opening the link as stated by you, I came across this problem. 

Side note: To clarify all of the above, I'm actually a newbie who is trying to install these software for training purposes. I'm currently using VMware workstation 10.0.2

Sorry if i made any stupid error.

And I guess that restarting RUM Console does not help?

You meant you can log in to the RUM Console, right?

Hi Adam,

Sorry that I missed your very first question. When i was trying to log into rum console for the first time, it says that my rum console server is not ready yet. So after a bit of research, i found out the reason behind this cause is due to corrupted RUM console database. Seems like ulf was right, i need to reinstall them