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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

'Updating aliases for all operations ...' - why does it take so much longer with NAM 2018 ?

Every time a CAS/NAM server is restarted within the first 1-2 minutes after the information 'Server initialization finished' was written to server.log the line 'T RTM timestamp Updating aliases for all operations started' is written, after awhile followed by 'T RTM timestamp Updating aliases for all operations finished'.

In 12.4 the duration between started and finished was ~1s. In NAM 2018 it increased from 1min (2018 Release Candidate) to 1min 30s (pre-GA Build that was installed inbetween) to 4-5min now (2018 GA).
Unfortunately I don't have values to compare to 2017.

These messages regarding 'Updating aliases ..." can't be found in the server.log during regular operating of the server, only after the service was started.
Like to know what happens during this time respectively which aliases are updated and why there is such a prolongation between the different versions.
Would be great to get an explanation and to find out if these 4-5 extra minutes before the data processing finally starts, added to the time it takes to initialize the server anyway, maybe can be avoided.



There are many factors that could lead to an extended operations aliases update time. We need to analyze that in detail. Please create a new Jira ticket.


In general it is the process of applying aliases from technical hierarchy configuration to all operations.

if it has something to do with the content of CAS-Install\config\hierarchy - the files and content match if 12.4 and 2018 environments are compared.

Ticket SUPDCRUM-24899 was re-opened to address the issue at Dynatrace