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Use of desktop virtualization software and Synthetic


We are planning to deploy workstations to several data centres which will run Synthetic scripts to monitor two applications. It appears likely that due to the number of scripted transactions to run, as well as their execution frequency, that we will run out of timeslots on the workstations. Rather than deploying more workstations, or reducing the transaction execution frequency, we are considering provisioning more robust workstations and deploying virtualization software so that the scripts can run, essentially in parallel, from > 1 OS instance on each workstation. Based on a previous post to this forum my understanding is that this type of solution should be possible. I would, however, like to confirm this and also ask whether there are any specific virtualization software products that other customers have used to implement this type of solution - or any issues that customers have encountered when attempting to implement this type of solution.




Hi Jeff,

There are several things that you have not specified in your
question. “Based on a previous post” – what
post do you mean? And which
virtualization software is going to be used? With that said, let me try to give you some information; hopefully it
will be useful for you.

Generally, Enterprise Synthetic Monitoring (ESM) Agent
software can be run in the virtual machines, and many ESM customers do that. But usually these virtual machines are hosted
by the environments higher then workstation level, like VMware ESXi. Workstation-level virtual
environments, like VMware Workstation Pro, usually utilize
just a fraction of the hosting operating system resources, and to run just two virtual
operating system instances smoothly you will need a machine that would be
considerably more than twice as powerful as a “normal” workstation-class
machine. Plus, you may run into disk
utilization problems. So, I would not recommend
using workstation level virtualization unless you perform extensive diligence testing.

Thank you,


Thank you Yuri for your reply. The other posting I was referring to is

At this point we do not have a specific virtualization software in mind, which is why I was asking for input as to what other customers are using and whether they encountered any issues. In general, however, the idea we had was to utilize a robust workstation rather and either VMware Workstation Pro or a similar software type. If you know whether any customers have utilized this or a similar software package successfully please do let me know. You mention "disk utilization problems" and caution us against using workstation virtualization unless we do extensive testing... I am not clear though why we might expect to encounter issues.

@Jeff R.

Hi Jeff,

I am not aware of any customer doing it the way you described. As I mentioned the “robust workstation” should
be very powerful, this is why I recommended diligence testing. Talking specifically about disk utilization,
the size of files VMware Workstation Pro stores on the disk grows over time,
and you will need to watch it and take necessary measures from time to time. So, estimation of how fast the disk space on
the host machine grows in your specific usage pattern should be a part of your

Thank you,


P.S. Forgotten to mention, your link,, points to this discussion, :-).