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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

User-Defined Metric on UEM Data


Hi guys,


I am currently working on DMI Reports that display Response time based on Transaction defined with UEM data.

However the metrics available for the Data View "RUM Browser Data" are:

  • Network Time
  • Server Time
  • Client Time

While this is important for the Operation team, those reports are created for the Business side of the company and I would like to be able to display a Calculated Reponse time based on those three metrics.

After looking at the documentation, it appears that this is not possible with this data view:

"Note that RUM Browser data views cannot be extended with user-definded metrics."  Extract from: User-Defined Metrics in DMI Data Views.

Is there any workaround that would allow me to do so ? 

I do not want to use "User Action Time"  as I am not sure it will display the overall response time, if anyone can confirm what's contained in "User Action Time" it might do the trick.


Thank you for your time ,


Have a great day,


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


I can see that:

The user action time broken into the navigation timing steps:

  •   DNS - Time spent for resolving domain names.

  •   Connect - Time spent for establishing a socket connection from the browser to the web server.

  •   SSL - Time spent for establishing a secure socket connection from the browser to the web server.

  •   URL Redirection - Time spent for following HTTP redirects.

  •   Document request - Time spent waiting for the first byte of the document response.

  •   Document response - Time spent downloading the document response.

  •   Document processing - Time between the response being delivered and the OnLoad event.

and: that for RUM Browser data, the sum of client, network and server time does not have to reflect user action time.

It looks like User Action Time is > sum of Network, Server and Client time.