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User Name Recognition Not Working for Certain Client Site

Some of the customer branches haves its IP as well as Username, while other branches only have IP.

Anyone has ever experienced this? Any thoughts?

The only possible explanation I can think of is those branches where the users don't have their UserName extracted is they are accessing different web pages (and thus, different field/parameter in packet header for me to extract user name). But I did check on this and all users are accesing the same web page.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Wai,

  1. Username recognition works on per software service basis, i.e. for all users regardless of their location. Please check user reporting settings on your CAS instead.

Hi Przemyslaw,

I've checked on user reporting settings again, they are fine. In fact, I didn't even check on this part before I asked this question, until you've commented on it.

Why? That is because, in those branches where UserName Recog isn't working for this new software services I just configured, other software services configured earlier got their username recognition working fine. So it doesn't seems to be a client-site-configuration or user-reporting-configuration mistake either.

What other possible mistake/scenario you can think of? I am still cracking my head on this one, as CPU and MEM of my servers are fine, the client limit in capacity setting is also not exceeded.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Best way to continue is to open a support ticket, attach a packet trace with example traffic from any user in that location and the software service in question plus your applications.xml config file and with this we can find out what the root cause is.

Thanks, I will open a support ticket now.

By the way, just now I check again, another observation is that when I checked it yesterday night (the time interval is 'today' of course), the number of IPs associated with UserName extracted is much less. This morning when I checked again (selected time interval is thus 'yesterday'), there are some other new username that showed up.

So it...SEEMS LIKE there is processing delay here?

Anyway, is there any setting that limit the max number of Username reported for a day in CAS? or maybe some delay/timeout that is related to User Name processing? any setting/configuration of the like you've ever heard of?

Support has help me to resolved the issue, seems like it is somehow cause by me having define something in path pattern in UsrNameRecog settings, after I leave the path pattern setting emtpy. The software service starts to shows users name for all client sites.

Another thing is that, seems like in SOME situation, insufficient client cache size would cause UserName don't appear. So I went to administrative console there and increase the 'limit of clients' as needed.