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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

User Recognition in Oracle Forms


Have configured a couple of software services using the "Oracle Forms over HTTPS" analyser on AMD classic (version 12.4.10) to monitor our Oracle EBS application. I can see Oracle Forms traffic on the CAS (oracle-forms-dashboard-1.pdf) but am really struggling getting the user recognition to work. After monitoring a login test via the IE developer tools I am pretty sure the login URL is OA_HTML/OA.jsp and the user parameter is "usernameField" (request-header.png,request-body.png). Consequently, I configured one of the software services as indicated in the attached example (prd21-user-recognition.png, prd21-options.png). I did read somewhere that EBS uses a customized session cookie which I can only assume from my attached example is "PRD22"? So, I have configured that particular service to use that (prd22-user-recognition.png). Unfortunately, neither configuration appears to be working. All I am seeing in the "User name" field on reports is the network range from which the user originates. Any ideas how I can get this working or anything else I can do to troubleshoot the problem?



Hi Daniel

I spent considerable time trying to do what you are pursuing, but on a vertical solution for the Insurance insdustry.

Much like you have done, I tried all the options you can find in the decode. None of them helped. The Customer persisted in saying that it was a "Oracle Forms based solution". In the end it turned out that the provider of the platform had made alterations to the Oracle authentication mechanism (unclear why) and the actual authentication then occured in a cookie instead.

My suggestion is you make a trace ( start tracing before you start the app) and ask help from support to validate whether you can or can't get the user from the OF stream.