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User account to manage device - Adding Dynatrace Application Monitoring Server to the Devices List


Hi, This is question to the Integrating  DC RUM with Dynatrace Application Monitoring

In the document of "Adding Dynatrace Application Monitoring Server to the Devices List" - section Adding the   Dynatrace Application Monitoring   Server point 8 -

Type the user name and password of the   account that will be used for managing this device.

The credentials you enter here will be used by the RUM Console to communicate with the device and will also be passed to report servers so that they can collect monitoring data for processing. Note that the values used here for authentication are not equal to the values you use for logging in to the device via SSH or local console.


Is there an admin or default user name/password to use? if yes, what is it? if not, how to set up user / password?  




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Ideally you should set up a new account on the Dynatrace AM client for use by DCRUM.

Better from a security standpoint than using an admin or default account.