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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

User activity details and server statistics on demand?


Hi there,

my question about the On Demand activity details is the following:

What's the impact to
users/reports when the "User activity details and server statistics on
demand" setting is turned down?

What would be a potential drawback in turning it down or off?

Thank you in advance for your answers.





Hey Raff,

With that setting turned on, the CAS will store today's user/server data in a flat file on the file system so it doesn't have to query SQL. This makes loading reports based on today's data much quicker (or for however many days you set it).

I had a problem with 12.3 where it would store too much data on my file system, fill my hard drive, and essentially break the CAS process. Setting the limit to 2 days should help avoid that issue. I'd just pay attention to your disk space. You can find those files in [cas_install]/trafficData


Thank you very much Brett! 🙂

No problem! 🙂

Brett one more quick question: the 2 days limit is just based on your experience? Because even the screenshot taken from the official docs is showing 2 days..just a coincidence? 🙂

No, the default used to be 30 days, and that's how we became consumed. There was rumor they'd put a GB limit as an option but we haven't seen that yet. 2 days should be quite safe, but it all depends on how much traffic you have coming through.

Thanks Brett, that was really helpful. 🙂

Not a problem 🙂

You must rather thinking about memory cache that stores "Last monitoring interval" and "Today" in DMI ...


Hmm strange, the default when we installed the CAS software was 365 days I think. Is this value in a config file on the CAS, or is it a config that is stored in the db?

Hey Ben,

Interesting - although the default doesn't necessarily matter. I believe this value is stored in the db - when I was automating the DC RUM installation, this was the only manual step as I hadn't found a way to change it in a config file.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro
These settings are responsible for storing extra user details. Extra means that this info is not stored in the DB, only in these files is enabled.
If you turn it off you are loosing data from all users ans server reports "on-demand", i.e.: CAS -> Reports -> Explore -> Users -> click particular user name -> List of all active users. You will notice in the name of the report "on demand" sufix.

Thanks Adam!
I believe this crucial information is missing in the documentation...Don't know it it was just me, but I haven't found that anywhere in the docs. Could we raise a doc ticket?

So what's the amount of days you recommend to set as limit? As much as we can?

Thank you very much for your precious help, Adam!


Thank you for the clarification and sorry @Raffaele T. for the misinformation!

No worries, Brett!