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User name recognition in Oracle Forms



How can I apply a RegEX in the User Name recognition for Oracle Forms?

Currently the output looks like this:

And I want to peel off the IP address, the brackets as well as the domain at the end.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


Having IPs as user names usually means that their recognition on the AMD was not possible, username filed in zdata is empty then and CAS (base on configuration) fills it with client IPs and resolves it against WIND/DNS, thus names in the brackets.

So, what you want to have left are host names of clients, is it what you really need?

How about enabling user recognition in OF decode in RUM Console to get real users?

It was set but apparently not the right way. I'll see if I can get a trace to verify what way they are using. I have a vague feeling it might be some sort of SSO as there is some sort of Connection to the AD as well.

If we monitor also SSO and there is a cookie name kept then by user when they go to other apps we should be able to support.

So shifting from OF User ID to session or Cookie would do it?

No. First try user names from OF.

SSO only if you confirm indeed it is present. You would need capture for SSO traffic and then the traffic for apps when the user goes next.