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Username Recognition



I'm on site where an internal web application is accessed only by users defined in the local Active Directory and they use single signon to access the application. Looking in the http requests there is only GUID for the usernames and no actual NTLM authentication information. Some of the users are accessing the system from within WTS (on which there is a TCAM agent). In the users list I can only see the IP addresses of the users, though in AMD when using rcon SHOW SESSIONCLIENTMAP I'm seeing the actual user names.


What configuration should be put in order to the reports to display the actual user names ?




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

It should be easy if you have 12.1 AMD that supports SSO.

You need a Software Service that monitor HTTP page where login process occurs. In this very Software Service configure user name recognition by providing POST/GET parameter name and session identifier (cookie).

Then, if the cookie name remains when the user navigates to another Software Service all you need is to create same policy name as for above configuration and provide the very cookie name.

As long as cookie name will stay the same all pages will be associated with user name.