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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Username to Name Surname conversion


Our customer want to see Real names in DCRUM and not email that are picked from the traffic.

We have access to DB where we can get real names and email of every customer.

Have anyone have done anything like that?

Is there any possibility to add some metric which we can map parametrs like Client group???? (Client group is used...)




Sure - that is what you should do. You do this in the definition for the software service I suggest you use the wizard as it will help you on the way

Thanks for the reply, but in the wizard i couldn't locate the right options to to this type of transformation.

Here is some example of what we need. We have recognized emails and how we need to convert:                                     >>>> we need to convert to ?????? ???? ????????   >>>> we need to convert to ?????? ???? ????????

We have this emails and real names in a file but how we can attach it to name recognition options?


Hmm - I haven't heard of any such static convertion before, It would seem quite maintenance intensive and error prone

I suggest that if this is your explicit need, ask the guys in support, as DC RUM is very flexible and can be bendt to do many things


Sorry - Just found a piece that might help you

Importing and Managing User ID Mapping Information  (smile)

I told you DC RUM is great!


Thanks for the reply,

But we have configured user name recognition from http traffic, do you think it will work if we make this config like:

email; Real Name  ??

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


So you have username recognition configured and email addresses are reported as user names, right?

You just want the e-mail to be replaced with names and surnames from a flat file?

If so, then I'm not sure if this functionality is present, however I will run this question through Development and see get back to you.


Yes we have user name recognition configured, and the customer want to see Real names that we have from external file. This functionality is realized in Client group metric, but this metric is already used by another data that customer want to see.


And "translation" functionality works for Client groups - we can translate them using flat file, so same might be possible for user names, but again we need to double check it.

Yes, we now have realized it with transation using flat file with Client group metric. it looks like Name; Department of user

But the customer want to know if there is a possibility to use another metric like Client Group to show the Real name in separated column or convert it in Username metric

OK, so use another column or replace the value in "User name" column?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


From initial investigation it looks like there is no way to do it, whoever we kindly ask you to put this question in a support ticket so we could run a full code review to make 100% sure it's an enhancement.

Ok. Thanks for your help.