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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Verification of transaction run times complete...


After updating robots to 12.5.3 at the end of executing the scripts the following message is shown

and it rests 2 minutes on screen until finishing the script.

Any idea why this takes so long?




The status message displayed by the Framework stays up
until either closed, or replaced by the next message. Like status indicators that can be found in
many other software products, while it gives some idea of "what is going
on", it is not always an accurate representation of what is going on. The message "Verification of transaction
run times complete..." means that the Framework has finished verifying that all opened transaction
have been closed and that time has been calculated for these transactions. Whether or not any problems have been found,
the script needs to perform other actions, such as making sure that there are no
processes running upon completion of the script that were not running before
the script started, unless such "left-over" has been configured as
permissible. These further steps can
take two minutes or even more.

The fact that this message stays just means that it has not
been removed or replaced. It, per se, does
not indicate any problems with the script execution, and you can just ignore
it. But if you see anything wrong with
the script execution, or just want to dot all i's and slash all t's, please
open a support

Thank you,



Update to SP4 solved this problem now